Luxury Home Spa. Deep Tissue Massage.

At Elite Massages 

I take the utmost Pride to Provide You the Ultimate Relaxation Experience. 

Let go of your Life’s Stresses,

And Escape in a Blissful Muscle Melting, Stress Relieving Massage. 

Many techniques of Swedish Massage are blended within a Deep Tissue massage, 

with greater pressure and focus on the Deeper Tissue Structure of your Muscles and Fascia, also known as Connective Tissue. Working lightly through the superficial muscles, then getting into the deeper layers allows us to Release Muscle Tension and Knots.

Sometimes we get caught up in our fast pace life and just need to un-plug. A work deadline or school exam can place a lot of pressure on you.

Sometimes we just Need a Break!

If you suffer from Anxiety or Depression, or if that causes you headaches, or trouble sleeping (Insomnia) give yourself 

A Well Deserved Treat and a Beautiful moment of Relaxation.

Are you experiencing Sore Muscles from sitting long-hours, or tense muscles and spasms, or even Low Back Pain from standing many hours… Then your body may just be Telling you

If you play rough sports like Football, Hockey, or Wrestling, you know how joyful they can be – but strains and sprains are part of the game! Stay Pain-Free, Fit and Nimble – Stay on Top of Your Game!


The Many Benefits of a Deep Tissue Massage:

Reduce Muscle Tension and Blood Pressure

Soothe & Relax Body Moment of Relaxation

Increase Mobility Improve Circulation

Emotional & Physical Well-Being

Reduce Back / Neck Pain

Relief from Chronic Pain

Alleviate Headaches

Fix Postural Stress

Reduce Anxiety

Release Toxins

Come Enjoy The Benefits of a Deep Tissue Massage Today!

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Female Masseuse

Deep Tissue Massage Artist Mandy has been providing her patients with pain relief and relaxation for over 7 years. She uses a variety of massage techniques and methods to provide the ultimate relaxing muscle-easing and pain-reliving experience. Mandy is an avid gym and yoga go-er who has a wealth of knowledge in bodybuilding, nutrition and personal wellness.

Service Rates

*Male Clients Only

*By Appointment Only*

30 Minutes
  • Scalp Massage +$10
45 Minutes
  • Scalp Massage +$10
1 Hour
  • Scalp Massage +$10

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Balmoral Lane, 

Thamesford, ON

Intersection: 15th Line (Banner Road) and Dundas. (New Subdivision)

20 Minutes from Woodstock

15 Minutes from Ingersol

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10:30am – 6:00pm Monday-Sunday

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